About Jun and Felicia

Hi, we’re Jun and Felicia.  Co-workers who met at Ogilvy, united by our love of off-the-wall beauty tips and our willingness to try anything.
  We decided the world didn’t have enough beauty/fashion/lifestyle blogs and created our own.

Jun’s style is pure downtown cool.  She’s a native New Yorker with art school roots and is immersed in the art and culture scene in NYC.  Surprisingly, she also loves to get out to nature, mostly to surf in places like Montauk, Bali, and Thailand.

Felicia’s style is casual sleek.  She has worked in finance, fashion, and now advertising, and her style is a blend of the three.  She’s the tech guru of the duo, and always rocks a DIY manicure and a bold lip while blogging.

Welcome to our site, we hope you love it.